What Causes Viruses to Spread

In 2007 Dr. Palese, Professor and Chair of Microbiology of the Icahn Medical School of Mt. Sinai, NY, discovered that viruses transmit 100% in low humidity. Low humidity is created in the winter months when our furnace heat dries our inside air. This heat dries our skin as well as our nasal passages, making them a perfect breeding ground for viruses.  If you keep your nasal passages moist, you decrease the chance of infections attaching and multiplying in your nose and moving into your lungs.

Due to my weakened immune system, I have studied various illnesses for many years and have found 14 activities that have effectively stopped my viruses.  They are most effective if implemented at the first sign of symptoms or upon exposure. I can usually stop viruses by doing just a few of the activities below.  Using several of the suggestions in 1-7 and all of the ones in 9-14 might prevent more severe viruses. 

Keep the nasal passages moist as a precaution and especially at the first sign of a stuffy nose or sticky throat. (1-7)
1.      Take a brisk 20-min. walk outside, morning, and night.
2.      Open your bedroom windows to get fresh air in.
3.      Set your thermostat at 55° and dress to go skiing.
4.      Sniff water from your clean fingertips.
5.      Use a nasal saline spray; it’s not fun, but it works.
6.      Use a neti pot or a Navage.
7.      Run a humidifier.
8.      Gargle with a small amt. of Listerine, every hour on the hour of the first 4 days of symptoms.
In between the gargles, eat or drink small portions of the following items.
9.      hot tea
10.     orange, pineapple, grapefruit, or tomato
11.     orange, pineapple, grapefruit, or tomato juices
12.     chicken noodle soup, canned is fine
13.     frozen lemonade concentrate warmed with hot water and sweetened with honey
14.     cinnamon twirls or rolls without the icing. 

•       http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/flash/2014/the-reason-for-the-season-why-flu-strikes-in-winter/.
•       List from: “CONQUERING THE COMMON COLD”; info available at answerstocancer.info.  A free list download will be available soon.

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